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Once in a lifetime...

an opportunity arises to create something from the ground up to make a difference in the world.

The new Butterfly Pavilion will be a new, state-of-the-art learning and research facility in Colorado that will serve as the preeminent local, national and global hub for invertebrate knowledge, conservation and education.

The facility will inspire both appreciation and action by providing up-close encounters with animals and natural environments, informed by decades of educational and scientific expertise. In addition, the facility will sit in a one-of-a-kind neighborhood designed to support pollinators in their natural habitats, while providing new homes, schools, shops and restaurants for residents and visitors alike.

We invite you to learn more about our future and join us in making it a reality.

Bird's eye view rendering of the proposed new and improved Butterfly Pavilion campus
New Butterfly Pavilion Park Entrance
Butterfly pollinates a lupine wildflower
make up
of all animal
species on Earth
A bee pollinates a thistle bush
functions as pollinators and decomposers, predators and prey
Red ants collaborate to make a living together
An investment in the future of invertebrates is an investment in our
It’s up to us to ensure they’re preserved for generations to come.
With a human movement waiting to be
to support and celebrate their absolute importance.


Creating a global hub for invertebrate research, conservation and education.

A centerpiece that draw families, researchers and partners from the neighborhood, the region and beyond.

A place like nothing else, anywhere in the world.

83,000-square-feet of public spaces designed to be stunning and functional

Greatly expanded laboratory facilities that give visitors a glimpse of scientists at work in each biome.

Increased capacity to serve more than 500,000 visitors each year.

Shared campus with a new Adams 12 School District and mindSpark learning K-12 STEM school.

Neighborhood-wide Pollinator District that encourages protection of public green spaces while protecting pollinators and educating the public.

The architectural footprint of the new Butterfly Pavilion from directly overhead
New Facility SIte Plan
At the new Butterfly Pavilion, visitors will have amazing
Firsthand Experiences
as they...

about the role invertebrates play in our world and how to protect them and their habitats.

invertebrates in immersive, explorable multi-species environments.

Get inspired
by the vast diversity of invertebrate life on Earth.

multi-sensory habitats that remove barriers both physical and mental

from multiple perspectives including that of an invertebrate

in one-of-a-kind, interactive experiences that bring the world of invertebrates to life in unexpected ways and share these experiences with friends and family.

Observe & Participate
in real science and research being done in the lab and in the field.

A collage of children, adults, and invertebrates interacting at Butterfly Pavilion
We need your help
Our Goal
$55 million
total Commitments

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