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President's Letter

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Dear Friends,

Humans and invertebrates are inextricably linked. Invertebrates make up 97% of all the animal species on Earth, providing vital services like pollination, decomposition and pest control that hold up our entire ecosystem. In short, their very existence guarantees ours.

But invertebrates are under threat. From uncontrollable fires to devastating habitat loss, it has never been more urgent to take action to preserve these animals that carry the weight of our world.

As one of the top ten cultural attractions in the Denver Metro Area’s Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, and the world’s only stand-alone invertebrate zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Butterfly Pavilion has served as an impactful educational resource and research facility for the past 25 years, inspiring the next generation of conservationists, and contributing the knowledge required to ensure a future for these critical species.

To better meet the incredible challenges facing invertebrates and our planet, Butterfly Pavilion is embarking on a new chapter with plans to open an 81,000 square foot facility in Broomfield, Colorado, that will serve as the global hub for invertebrate research, conservation and education. The new location will serve 500,000 guests per year with its immersive exhibits and will sit on the 1,200-acre Baseline development designed to support pollinators and the surrounding community. Through this new venture, we can engage and inspire millions more to take action on what may be one of the most important endeavors of our time: invertebrate conservation.

We cannot do it alone. Join us on this journey to shape and protect our future.


Patrick Tennyson, President and CEO of Butterfly Pavilion signature

Patrick Tennyson,

Butterfly Pavilion President and CEO

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